About Me

200724_1012144603011_5953024_n Dianne Crabtree has always loved writing and telling stories. When she was young, she would make up stories to tell her two younger sisters at night when they were supposed to be going to sleep. Some of the stories continued for days, with a different chapter each night. Later, she began writing short stories and novels.

When she and her husband, Neil, were 18 and just starting to date, she helped him stage a haunted house in the burnt out remains of the restaurant Neil’s father had built and run several years earlier. With her husband and sister-in-law running the premier, top-rated haunted house in the nation, Dianne became less and less involved over the years as she raised her four kids. She did, however, still find time to help out a little each year until the haunted house closed its doors in 2007.

Dianne lives in Utah with her husband, teaching middle school students, working on her next novel, and spending as much time as she can with her kids and grandkids.

Although the events in Half Light never actually happened—at least not that she’s aware of—she always wondered…what if?

Half Light is the first book in the Ravensfear series.